Background:  I have been a Bay area resident since 1977 and have worked here, played here, raised a family here, and volunteered here. My love of travel and of this area led me to attend International Tour and Management Institute in 2010 to become a Certified Tour Director. Since then I have led tours in and around the Bay area, the state of California, the Pacific Northwest, and the East Coast (Washington DC and NYC). I have a BA in English from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and an MA from the University of Chicago.

Fun and Informative Tours:  When I became a tour director and tour guide, I gained a whole new appreciation for my city and my state. It is an area rich in natural resources, blessed with a diversity of cultures, and challenged by divergent viewpoints. I love the opportunity to share its sites and stories with visitors, and enhance their understanding of this unique environment.

My tours vary, and are adapted to my clients. Some of my most popular offerings are The Charms of Chinatown, the San Francisco City Tour, Highlights of Silicon Valley, and wine tours in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Exploring this landscape is always new, always fresh, and always inspiring. I never tire of uncovering little-known and yet significant events and sights in and around the Bay area.

I welcome you to tour the area with me and satisfy your own curiosities